Digestion Wellness

Take Control of Your Digestion and Take Control of Your Life

Got gas, cramping abdominal pain, bloating, and/or other embarrassing digestive issues? How much time do you spend obsessing about it?

Are you tired of feeling gross and heavy, like you are weighted down with food sitting in your stomach?

Pooping challenges, (yep we said it!) and other digestive maladies are not sexy, nor are they one of the easiest topics to talk about. However, digestive health is the key to whole body wellness. If our digestion is working well, then our health will be good. If it is not working well, we usually not only experience health problems, but we also don’t usually feel our best. I mean, how sexy do you feel when your abdomen is so bloated that you have to unbutton your pants? If these are chronic problems, you may absolutely be feeling low emotionally. If you don’t feel good in your body then it is difficult to project outward confidence… have you noticed that?

Or, if you have problems occasionally, but you haven’t been able to pinpoint what the trigger is, then that can instill some fear in you… At any moment you may be hugging the toilet, but you never know when that might be or why it is happening AGAIN.

If any of these things sound remotely familiar to you, you can relax, because we are here to help you reclaim your life. After working with us, you will no longer be at the whim of your delicate digestion. You will have the knowledge and mindfulness to understand what is going on and what to do so that you can feel confident in your body again. We have developed a systematic approach that incorporates acupuncture which has been shown to effectively treat various digestive problems. In addition, we will work with you nutritionally to help you identify the foods that may be triggers in your diet, make sure that your diet includes foods that minimize inflammation in your body, and will use supplements and/or Chinese Herbal medicine to help your body get back into balance if needed

Experience the relief that our patients have gotten:

Smooth, easy, and formed bowel movements- what?!?!
No more burning or tightness in the stomach, chest or throat.
A huge reduction in the pain and cramping that were once your daily companions.
A tummy that is much less bloated,
Much less embarrassing gas,
Plus, so much more!

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