Dr. Julie Hutsell-Starling, L.Ac

When you work with Dr. Julie, you will receive whole body care to feel energized, improve your digestion, say goodbye to the migraines, and get a grip on those crazy emotions of stress and anxiety. You will be amazed at how good you can feel!”

Julie Hutsell-StarlingJulie started down the road to comprehensive Whole Body Wellness when she was working as an acupuncturist at a local clinic in Chapel Hill, NC. After treating hundreds of patients over the years, she started to notice something very interesting. The patients who weren’t really interested in making changes in their diet or lifestyle, while they did notice definite improvement from when they started working with her, once they were “fixed” they went on their way, even if they weren’t yet thriving in life. Contrast that to the patients who were the most compliant and followed her food and lifestyle suggestions, they not only were “fixed”, but they actually started to thrive in all aspects of their lives. She was intrigued.

Dr. Julie yearned to be able to work more with the patients who truly wanted change and were willing to make the necessary changes so that they could feel like they were THRIVING. That is why she started Exponential Wellness in 2014. So that she could focus on helping women like you take control of their health and of their lives, and watch them transform exponentially…

When you work together, Dr. Julie emphasizes that this is a team effort. She uses the tools in her tool box (acupuncture and Chinese medicine; 5- Element Acupuncture; health coaching; medical qi gong; breathing techniques, food and nutrition therapy); to help you and your body overcome the health challenges you are experiencing. As such, she will likely encourage you to make some changes to help you take ownership of your healing- yes you CAN take some control back in your life!! When you work with her, she will guide you and support you, she’ll be your accountability partner to hold you to the things you say you are going to do, and she will be your cheerleader, your coach, and your confidante..

Her Journey

Overcoming pain and finding a gift…

Dr. Julie’s journey in the health and wellness field began in 1999, when she developed severe tendonitis in her elbows and wrists from repetitive computer use. The intense pain forced her to quit her job, because she couldn’t continue the computer work, which is when her doctor referred her to an acupuncturist as a last resort.

Guess what? After months of continuing pain, in just a few acupuncture treatments the pain started to improve, and eventually it went away. Dr. Julie wanted to help others the way her acupuncturist had helped her, so in 2001, she enrolled in the Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA. From the moment she stepped foot inside the treatment room there she knew she had found her calling.

Dr. Julie has been in practice since 2005, first in San Francisco, CA and then since 2007 in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

She is trained in several styles of acupuncture, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), however, she primarily practices Classical 5-Element Acupuncture, which has a focus on the mental/emotional aspects of wellbeing, which she has found to be the most effective way to help my patients thrive in all aspects of their lives.

 Education / Background

Dr. Julie attended the University of California, Berkeley, for her Bachelor’s of Arts in 1997, then completed the Master’s of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego in 2004, and she completed her Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine degree in 2016.

Additionally, she completed a health coaching degree from Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2013.

She is nationally certified by the National Certification Committee for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and she maintains acupuncture licenses in North Carolina and California.

She is also a member of the North Carolina Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Julie is also a Level 1 Medical Qigong Practitioner with QiGong Awareness, and she is in the process of completing a 220 hour KRI Yoga Teacher Training Program.

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