Raleigh – Durham Kundalini Yoga

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga is called the yoga of awareness. This yoga technology can rejuvenate your whole being and take you to another level of perception, healing, and growth. The kundalini energy is your creative potential. Kundalini yoga combines physical postures, with breath work, sound current, hand position, and eye focus to tap into your creative potential. If you have been looking for a transformative practice, kundalini yoga is for you.


Dr. Julie is currently teaching online Kundalini yoga classes, so that you may practice from the comfort of your own home!

You can find the schedule here:  Online Kundalini Yoga Classes 


Dr. Julie Hutsell-Starling is a KRI Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine; health coach; a love and relationship coach; and the owner of Exponential Wellness. Julie is passionate about helping people gain control of their physical and emotional health. She sees Kundalini yoga as a powerful tool that people can use to help themselves through the struggles of life so that they may experience more joy, love, and happiness, and she is so excited to share this amazing technology of kundalini yoga with you.