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Welcome to Exponential Wellness!

At Exponential Wellness, we believe that you deserve to look and feel healthy and alive, no matter what your age. We want you to live life as fully as possible, being the best YOU that you can be. Joy is your birthright and we help you find your joy so that you can love and heal yourself, and live out your life’s purpose.

We believe that feeling great everyday can be your “norm”, so that you may live your life as fully as you desire.

If you:

  • feel tired more often than not
  • have pain that is wearing you down
  • have frequent headaches
  • feel stressed most of the time and/or experience frequent anxiety or depression
  • have digestive problems
  • have hormonal fluctuations
  • want to look younger naturally without botox!

Then you have come to the right place- we can help! We specialize in working with people who are looking to increase their energy, get out of pain, feel more clear-headed and focused, and want to feel more vibrant and alive.

At Exponential Wellness, we combine the art and science of Chinese medicine with the modern Western knowledge of health and wellness to effectively treat the WHOLE person. We use acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, meditation, qi gong, breath work, and Chinese food therapy AND modern, Western food and nutritional theories, and diet recommendations. By combining the two worlds, eastern and western, we believe we are able to provide the absolute best care to our patients.

Coming in for a session with either Michelle Mill, L.Ac or Julie Hutsell-Starling, L.Ac is not like an experience you will have with another acupuncturist because we have so many tools in our toolbox to help each individual. From a Chinese medical perspective, there is not one way to treat a particular symptom. We look at the whole, unique individual to develop a treatment plan and program that will work best for that person.

Our Specialties:

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