Dr. Julie is no longer taking new acupuncture patients, but you can still work with her via the Online Group Healing Sessions.



Stop Suffering & Start LIVING!

Welcome to Exponential Wellness!

At Exponential Wellness, we believe that you deserve to feel healthy, no matter how old you are, or what diagnosis you have. We want you to live life as fully as possible, being the best YOU that you can be. Joy is your birthright and we help you find your joy so that you can love and heal yourself, and live out your life’s purpose.

We believe that feeling great everyday can be your “norm”, so that you may live your life as fully as you desire.

If you:

  • feel tired more often than not
  • have frequent headaches
  • feel stressed most of the time
  • experience frequent anxiety or depression
  • feel fuzzy-headed
  • have digestive problems
  • have chronic pain such as fibrolmyalgia


Then you have come to the right place, because we can help! We specialize in working with women who are looking to increase their energy, feel more clear-headed and focused, feel calmer, less stressed, and more emotionally balanced day-to-day. We also specialize in working with people who have chronic pain such as headaches/migraines and fibromyalgia.

At Exponential Wellness, we combine the art and science of Chinese medicine with the modern Western knowledge of health and wellness to effectively treat the WHOLE person. We use acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, meditation, breath work, and Chinese food therapy AND modern, Western food and nutritional theories, health coaching, diet, and stress management. By combining the two worlds, eastern and western, we believe we are able to provide the absolute best care to our patients.

Coming in for a session with Julie Hutsell-Starling, is not like any other experience you will have with another acupuncturist or health coach, because she has so many tools in her toolbox to help each individual. From a Chinese medical perspective, there is not one way to treat a particular symptom. We look at the whole, unique individual to develop a treatment plan and program that will work best for that person.

Patient Success Story

“Working with Julie has been wonderful. I don’t know how the acupuncture works, but it does, and I am forever grateful to her. The constant hot flashes are gone, and I am no longer in chronic pain from migraines and fibromyalgia. In addition to the acupuncture, she has taught me how to establish a healthy relationship with food again. Now I see food as my aid in healing, as opposed to my enemy- which is how I have always thought of it until now. She has shown me how I can reduce inflammation in my body by eliminating sugar and choosing whole unprocessed foods. I have also learned how to read food labels, and how to manage my blood sugar by utilizing food as my medicine- when to eat, what I should eat, etc… It has been eye-opening… and better yet, it has worked dramatically.”
~ Lisa O.

Exponential Wellness

108 Wind Chime Ct.

Raleigh, NC 27615


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